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Carpet Cleaning

Rotovac steam cleaning system, why use out dated traditional steam cleaners and truck mounted machines? Insist on the latest Rotovac technology.

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Dries faster

Rotovac leaves your carpets on average 20% drier when compared to standard steam cleaning with a manual scrub wand under similar conditions.

More passes

Over 1500 cleaning passes per minute.

Eco friendly

Our specialised eco friendly detergents actively avoid resoiling.

Hot water

Rotovac still uses hot water injection and extraction to clean, it just does it faster and more thoroughly.

4 x clean

Multiple spray jets and vacuum slots which effectively cleans your carpets 4 times with every single machine pass.

Better Results

A better result for our customers with no added cost over regular steam cleaning.


Fully portable and suited to high rise units where traditional truck mounted machines cannot reach.


Restores even the most heavily soiled and neglected carpets.

Dont settle for wand cleaning.... insist on Rotovac

Why settle for traditional wand cleaning?" Manual wand carpet steam cleaning relies on the limited strength and stamina of the operator and only cleans in 2 directions (back & forth). Our Rotovac cleans your carpets from all directions with over 1500 mechanised cleaning passes per minute. With our patented Rotovac process your carpets will look, feel and stay cleaner for longer.

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