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Covid-19 & Methamphetamine decontamination and testing

Need a cleaning company that will do the job right the first time? APT CLEAN is a family owned and operated business with over 24 yrs experience in all aspects of cleaning.

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COVID 19 SANITISATION OF PROPERTIES. APT CLEAN has drawn on our 24 years experience in high risk commercial cleaning such as forensic and methamphetamine decontamination work. As such since March 2020 we are exclusively offering COVID 19 decontamination services of offices, outdoor spaces, public areas and any other high traffic areas you require. We are equipped and experienced and have completed large scale commercial contracts for numerous clients.  Wether you need an urgent full decontamination or initiate a regular preventative cleaning program, contact us for an in depth assessment and quote


With the rising use and manufacturing of meth (ice) many property owners find themselves with a contaminated property where previous tenants have manufactured or heavily used meth in the building. The severe health effects are well documented.
APT CLEAN specialises in decontamination and remediation of clandestine meth labs and properties affected by methamphetamine residue.
Call us for a specialised onsite quote and assessment if you find yourself in possession of a property that has been damaged by methamphetamine manufacture or use.
Our specialised process removes residue and clears the property for any upcoming restoration.

Our vans are marked as a normal residential cleaning company so as not to draw undue attention and maintain the privacy of our clients.

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