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Pressure washer cleaning graffiti.

Graffiti Removal

From small jobs to commercial property damage call us for a complete and fast service.

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Chemicals Are Key

No Graffiti can be removed without the appropriate chemicals. We use the same industry leading products used by councils nationwide.

Multiple Surface Approach

No two surfaces are the same, we use different types of chemical depending on the application required to avoid damage where possible.

Fully Mobile Service

All we need is a garden tap water connection and the rest is powered from our van. We use petrol powered pressure cleaners and portable hoses.

Insist on Karcher

Lets face it, graffiti on brick or concrete requires force, that's why we use petrol powered high pressure cleaners made by the industry experts in pressure cleaning. "Karcher".

Gentle When Needed

We know not all surfaces can be blasted with high pressure. That's why on delicate surfaces we use a special mild version of our Graffiti product that removes graffiti but aims to preserve delicate and painted surfaces underneath. In these situations we use ultra low pressure to gently rinse the area.

Graffiti removal

Call us today or fill out our online form for a quote or to discuss your graffiti removal requirements. We understand Graffiti is one of those things that no body wants around for long, as it is often offensive. We will usually attend within 24 - 48hrs of first booking in the work to Ensure speedy removal.

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